Veracruz Premium

Veracruz land of the best taste

These medium-bodied cigars are rolled with select San Andres 100% long filler, hearty Morron Limpio binder and exquisite Mexican grown wrapper – your choice of light brown natural or the heavier dark maduro. Made by very experienced cigar rollers they draw well and burn wonderfully leaving a beautiful ash. Their taste is unique when compared to the many common bundled brands on the market – our Veracruz cigars are so flavorful and enjoyable that they could easily be packaged in fancy boxes. Your choice of natural or maduro wrapper.


Filler: San andres Filler. Binder: San Andres Morrom Limpio Wrapper: Maduro San Andres
Packaging: Special bundle with yute, with 25 cigars each

Vitolario Veracruz Premium

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