Los Tuxtlas Region

sanandresAside from having an exceptional soil for tobacco planting, our region is well known in Mexico for its history and the beauty of it places.
In case you want to pay us a visit, you can check out the following articles for information about the most important tourist and cultural destinations in Los Tuxtlas.

San Andres Tuxtla

San Andres is located to the south of the state of Veracruz. It has a warm tropical climate throughout most of the year and is located 361 meters above sea level. Together with Catemaco and Santiago Tuxtla, San Andres is part of the region known as “Los Tuxtlas”.


Laguna Encantada

This lagoon offers views of incredible beauty, especially at dusk or dawn. Apart from being an excellent place for relaxation, fishing is a common practice in the “Laguna Encantada”.

This beatiful place owes its name to the fact that during the rainy season the water level goes down, and in the dry season the opposite occurs.


Salto de Eyipantla

15 kilometers (10 miles) away from San Andres Tuxtla, surrounded by an exuberant vegetation, lies the most important waterfall in the region. With its spectacular beauty and a height of approximately 50 meters (160 feet), the “Salto de Eyipantla” has been stage for national and international films, as well as for several TV commercials.

The name “Eyipantla” comes from the Olmec “The Paradise of Tlalocan”. It is believed that thousands of years ago the inhabitants of this region gathered here to receive the blessing of the god of the water.



This city, famous for its “brujos” (wizards), is located at the shore of one of the most beautiful lakes in the region. Its name is derived from the Olmec “Calli Tematli Co”, “place where the houses burned”, since this city was destroyed during the eruption of a volcano…

Besides the “brujos” who perform different magical rituals (from which the “limpia” or cleansing of the soul is the most common), it is also possible to find healers who work with natural methods utilizing the diversity species of the region. These esoteric customs have evolved since the arrival of the spanish conquerors and the introduction of the christian faith. On july 15 the day of the “Virgen del Carmen” is celebrated here, and hundreds of pilgrims from Veracruz and other neighboring states gather to pay tribute to this virgin and enjoy the festivities celebrated in her honor.

Another famous attraction in Catemaco is the “Monkey Island”, which is inhabited by macaques brought from Thailand during an ecological experiment by researches of the National University of Mexico. This place and many other interesting locations can be reached by boats that can be rented at the touristic zone in front of the lake.

Besides these touristical attractions, Catemaco has also a unique gastronomy with delicious local dishes like “monkey meat”, tegogolos, shrimps or mojarra “tachogobi” style, eel, pellizcadas and topotes, all of which can not be found anywhere else in Mexico.



From the cities which conform the “Tuxtlas” region, Santiago is definitely the one which has best preserved its traditions and customs. On june 24, for example, the “San Juan” day is celebrated and religious processions and traditional dances take place. On july 25 the day of “Santiago Apostol” is celebrated with folkloric dances and music in festivities that last 2 days.

Starting december 24, Santiago delights its visitors again with traditional music using traditional intruments. The “jaraneros” are specially busy during this season in celebrations which last until January 6.

Besides these traditional fests, there is a museum in Santiago where archeological artifacts from the Olmecs are displayed, including a stone head of more than 5 tons of weight.

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